Lime Spraying Plaster Machine

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Product Details

Product description: 

    Lime Spraying Plaster Machine for: indoor and outdoor ceiling spraying, expansion joint leakage, water leakage in settlement, subway leakage, tunnel leakage, mine plugging, human leakage prevention, dam leakage, floor, crack, empty Drum reinforcement, cement mortar spraying, dry mortar spraying, waterproof grouting and waterproof surface spraying, waterproof spraying, grouting, ceiling spraying, wall spraying, paint spraying, garden spraying, embossing effect coating spraying, handicraft spraying, latex paint, real stone Paint, rockery spray, sculpture spray, sound absorbing material spray.

Technical Parameter:



Rendering Thickness


Rendering Speed

500m2/ 8 hours

Rendering Height





150kg(bare machine)

Electricity Phase

Three/Single Phase







1. The automatic rendering machine uses the conveyor to remove the mortar forwards and upwards, and the conveyor can manually remove the mortar or stop at any position. It can present the roof in all directions.

2. The machine can be installed with a fast and stable hydraulic telescopic rod to complete the machine installation in 10 seconds.

3. There is a micro vibrator behind the scraper, so there is no need to worry about empty drums and sticking.

4. The refiner can save more than 20% of raw materials (cement and sand).

5. The capacity is 15 professional plasterers.



1. Automatic wall rendering machine is ideal for residential buildings, office buildings, etc.

2. It can be plaster cement wall, brick and concrete wall, hollow wall, lamp body brick, baking free brick wall, etc.

3. The rendering material may be lime, cement mortar, mortar foam, plaster, etc.

4. The rendering thickness is no more than 3 cm and the height is up to 5 meters.

5. Different thicknesses can be adjusted for each operation.

Maintenance after work:

1. grouting hose, air duct, nozzle cleaning inspection

2. Cleaning and inspection of equipment

3. Air compressor. Turn off the power supply, air supply, and close each valve to check each part.

4. The electrical part cuts off the power supply and checks each part.

5. Remove the booster nail and rotor, reassemble after cleaning.

6. other problems found during the operation, cleaning, maintenance, etc.

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